Yuga Labs and Roar Studios Merge, Shaping the Metaverse of Tomorrow

logos of Yuga Labs and Roar studios

Yuga Labs makes major moves to accelerate its ambitious metaverse plans with Roar Studios. Roar Studios is a bleeding-edge tech company focused on immersive social gaming experiences powered by innovative technology and AI. Now, the two have come together!

The native Roar Studios platform, called “ROAR”, allows artists and fans to connect and collaborate in real-time virtual spaces. It combines proprietary audio, gaming, and AI technology with elements of MMO games to produce a new category of experiential, user-driven entertainment worlds. Let’s take a closer look at how the two will work together.


  • Yuga Labs makes strategic acquisition of Roar Studios to fast-track its metaverse vision.
  • Roar’s immersive social gaming platform and bleeding-edge AI tech aligns with Yuga’s community-first approach.
  • Roar founder joins Yuga as General Manager of Otherside metaverse, bringing over 20 years of experience in creating virtual worlds.

logos of Yuga Labs and Roar studios

Yuga Labs x Roar Studios: New Worlds Await On The Otherside

As Yuga builds out its highly anticipated Otherside metaverse, Roar’s specialized expertise and cutting-edge technology will contribute significantly. Additionally, Otherside aims for an interoperable metaverse environment enabled by Yuga’s existing NFT collections like BAYC and CryptoPunks.

Yuga’s CEO Daniel Alegre highlighted that Roar’s dedication to empowering users to create and socialize aligns perfectly with Yuga’s vision for Otherside and web3. The acquisition accelerates Yuga’s capabilities in developing bold, community-driven metaverse experiences.

Likewise, Roar founder Eric Reid said his team’s ethos matches Yuga’s paradigm-shifting web3 approach. When offered the opportunity to help shape Yuga’s content and immersive experiences, Reid was eager to come on board.

Following the acquisition, Reid will join Yuga as General Manager of Otherside. He will lead the platform’s ongoing evolution, working closely with Yuga’s seasoned executive team. Reid has over 20 years of experience creating content and leading teams in film, TV, and music worldwide.

The merger represents a massive step forward for Yuga Labs as it solidifies its position as a web3 leader. Moreover, with Reid and Roar’s expertise, plus existing assets like BAYC and a $450 million funding round, Yuga has tremendous momentum to realize its ambitious metaverse vision.

So, as virtual worlds transition from sci-fi to reality, Yuga Labs is out front leading the charge. The Roar acquisition caps off an already monumental year for Yuga as it assembles the pieces to launch the next generation of the open metaverse. Finally, the possibilities are endless when users are given tools to build their own interconnected worlds.

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