Yuga Labs Announce Details of The Otherside Metaverse Second Trip

BAYC Metaverse project Otherside announces its second trip happening in late March 2023! The first Otherside trip introduced the Apes to their Metaverse with over 5,000 people simultaneously logged in. They also faced a giant Koda alongside BAYC mascots Curtis and Blue. Yuga Labs announced yesterday that Voyagers will continue into the Otherside with more trips, opportunities, and persistent metaverse experiences. Read on to learn about the second Otherside trip happening next year!

a still from the next trip location for Yuga Labs' Otherside metaverse project

The Second BAYC Otherside Trip: What Does Yuga Labs Have In Store?

According to Yuga Labs official release, the second Otherside trip will see new environments, new mechanics, and even an upsurge of users than the first trip. The team promises more gamification options, mechanics, and high energy entertainment. In this second segment, users will be able to enter Otherside, connect their wallet, and then instantly start playing as their NFTs. Holders of BAYC, MAYC, or Meebits should see no trouble playing as their own unique avatars in the near future. The next trip is most likely to be held in a desert map of a Bonedeed. The adventure will follow Curtis, Blue, and a Voyager in search of a “glowing, pulsing stone”. Moreover, new inhabitants are on their way to Otherside.

Furthermore, Yuga Labs has also teamed up with Improbable to level up their Avatar experience on their Otherside Development Kit (ODK). This is a toolkit that allows creators to build and customize their avatars. In addition to Avatars, the ODK will also allow users to modify, create, and interact with their environment in an innovative way. The toolkit also builds on multiple different game types. The introduction of these new mechanics and tools will allow Otherside to be open much more frequently.

Further details on entering the metaverse with custom NFTs are yet to be announced, but Yuga has pointed out that there will be a flying feature in the game as well. Just because. Stay tuned to all the latest Yuga updates on their official Twitter.


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