CryptoPunks Helmet-Wearing DJ ‘Seedphrase’ Inks Deal with Talent Powerhouse WME

Discover the journey of DJ Seedphrase, the owner of the rarest CryptoPunks NFT, as he secures a deal with WME. Seedphrase, with his blend of NFT culture, music, and fashion, is set to leave a mark on the NFT landscape.


  • DJ Seedphrase, owner of the rarest CryptoPunks NFT, has signed with talent agency WME. Also, he is set to release original music and launch a new community project. His unique blend of NFT culture, music, and high fashion has captivated the crypto community.
  • Seedphrase’s ownership of the exclusive CryptoPunk #8348, with seven distinctive attributes, has propelled him into the limelight. He has showcased his talent as a DJ in high-profile events, sharing the stage with renowned artists. This is all while wearing a helmet inspired by his CryptoPunk avatar.
  • The collaboration with WME presents an opportunity for Seedphrase to expand his brand through partnerships in luxury fashion, music, and fine art. He aims to forge deeper connections across multiple industries and push the boundaries of digital identity and intellectual property usage.
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DJ Seedphrase Signs to WME

CryptoPunk DJ Seedphrase Plans to Release Music and Signs to WME

The helmet-wearing DJ, Seedphrase, who is the owner of the rarest CryptoPunks NFT, has just landed a deal with WME. Additionally, Seedphrase has plans to release original music and embark on a new community project, adding to his already impressive repertoire.

DJ Seedphrase, AKA Daniel Maegaard, has excited the crypto community with his blend of NFT culture, music, and high fashion. His ownership of CryptoPunk #8348, the only piece in the collection with seven attributes, has propelled him into the limelight. Other CryptoPunks possess between zero and six visual attributes, making Seedphrase’s acquisition truly exceptional.

Seedphrase has shown his talent in a series of events, sharing the stage with artists like Steve Aoki and Diplo. He draws everyone’s attention as he wears a helmet inspired by his pixelated CryptoPunk avatar during his performances.

Later this year, he will release his first original music, accompanied by a merchandise collection that fans can eagerly anticipate. Additionally, there are plans underway for the launch of a new community project. Thus, further solidifying Seedphrase’s commitment to nurturing and engaging with his dedicated following.

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CryptoPunks Profile Picture Collection

Profile Picture Musicians

CryptoPunks, developed by Larva Labs, stands as one of the most valuable NFT projects of all time. With nearly $2.2 billion in trading volume to date, the platform has witnessed several seven-figure sales. This includes one amounting to $23.7 million worth of ETH.

Now, Seedphrase joins the ranks of musicians who have leveraged their NFT profile picture characters to stand out and resonate within the wider crypto world. Last year, renowned DJs Steve Aoki and Justin “3LAU” Blau formed the duo Punx, inspired by CryptoPunks, and released their first single via the NFT music rights platform Royal. The platform, co-founded by Blau, empowers music fans to support their favorite artists by owning NFTs that grant them a percentage of the song’s royalties.

Last year also saw hip-hop producer Timbaland establishing a record label centered around Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT avatars, following Universal Music Group’s signing of the Bored Ape-based virtual group Kingship. The following year, OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder partnered with DJ Kygo to launch their Bored Ape-inspired metaverse duo, Bored Brothers.

With Seedphrase’s talent, vision, and newfound collaboration with WME, the DJ is poised to make a significant impact on the music industry, leaving a  mark on the ever-evolving landscape of digital art and NFT culture. Finally, as we eagerly await Seedphrase’s forthcoming music and community project, the future looks bright for this innovative and boundary-pushing artist.

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