The Metaverse Reborn: Dive into a Week of Innovation at Metaverse Art Week

Metaverse Art Week returns between July 19 – 23 for the fourth year in a row, Decentraland confirmed in a statement. Let’s take a look at what we can expect to see this Metaverse Art Week!


  • Decentraland’s fourth Metaverse Art Week is happening from July 19th to 23rd, exploring the theme “The metaverse is dead. Long live the Metaverse.”
  • Attendees can expect extravagant, bold, and meaningful artworks curated by the international art collective Vueltta.
  • The event will feature virtual installations, guided tours, and themed parties, including rave parties and futuristic settings, organized by Casa Roustan, Dollhouse, Sugar Club, and MetaParty.
image from the Decentraland Metaverse Art Week featuring a robot installation

Decentraland returns with its fourth edition of the Metaverse Art Week between 19 – 23 July.

Decentraland’s Metaverse Art Week: What Should You Expect?

Great news for artists, collectors, and content creators: Decentraland’s fourth Metaverse Art Week returns starting July 19th! The annual event explores a bold theme that resonates with today’s web3 evolution: “The metaverse is dead. Long live the Metaverse.”

Basically, this concept challenged artists to reveal how much the digital space has changed over the years. Of course, this shift wouldn’t have been possible without content creators who unleashed their imagination digitally.

In other words, Metaverse Art Week attendees will explore extravagant, bold, innovative, and meaningful artworks. Vueltta, an international art collective, curated the pieces exposed.

“The bear market gave me far more freedom in curating Metaverse Art Week this year. With far less to lose, artists can take more creative risks and enter new, more experimental collaborations. One of the joys has been connecting with the galleries and collectors still supporting this risk-taking,” said Bay Backner, the Curator of Metaverse Art Week 2023.

image of a PEPE characte from an installation within Decentraland's metaverse art week

The event will host virtual installations for an immersive web3 art experience.

Which Artists Can You See This Year?

This year, Metaverse Art Week puts a spotlight on many talented underground digital artists. The main installations and artworks confirmed so far are:

  • RARE PEPE culture by DecentraPEPE Shrine;
  • MESH, a 3D art fair by Vueltta;
  • HERE & NOW by Michael Beets;
  • VERTEX by Tangpoko & GucciToe.

If you’re new to the event or the NFT space in general, you can also opt for a guided tour organized by The WIP Meetup. Projects like Niftytime and Rizzle also offer great insights for web3 newbies!

screenshot of a Decentraland rave party

Besides artworks and installations, the event will also bring daily themed parties for its attendees.

Will There Be Metaverse Parties Too?

If there’s one thing Decentraland is doing well, it’s metaverse parties. These social events connect people while helping creators gain exposure – and the Metaverse Fashion Week is a great example.

Therefore, Metaverse Art Week also brings its share of fun events. Vueltta has prepared a special gathering for each event day, including rave parties, ’70s New York vibes, and even Blade Runner futuristic settings. Some of the main organizers behind these events are Casa Roustan, Dollhouse, Sugar Club, and MetaParty.

Overall, the 2023 Decentraland Metaverse Art Week promises to bring an immersive experience while paying homage to the top web3 visual creators.

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