Fractal: Game Platform Airdropping 100K NFTs To Celebrate Launch

NYE themed poster for NFT marketplace Fractal

Fractal, a new marketplace for NFT games, is launching with a bang! The platform yesterday announced that it is officially live. This comes just two weeks after the platform was first announced. And to celebrate, it’s gifting 100,000 NFTs to its earliest supporters.

NYE themed poster for NFT marketplace Fractal

The NFT gaming marketplace hit over 110K Discord members in just two weeks. Credit: Fractal

Fractal Crossed 110K Discord Member Mark in No Time

Fractal is a marketplace for gaming NFTs. It will serve both existing blockchain games, and help launch new ones. Significantly, Twitch co-founder, Justin Kan is part of its founding team. This gives the marketplace some credibility when it comes to the gaming space.

The platform is built on the Solana blockchain due to its speed and low transaction costs. Needless to say, this choice is becoming a common one for many people building in the NFT space.

In any case, Fractal plans to be chain-agnostic. Thus it will cater to games on all blockchains in the future.

a poster of four different kinds of "fractals" NFTs

The platform is releasing 100K NFT “fractals” as a thank you to its strong Discord community. Credit: Fractals

100K NFTs Dropping In Celebration Of The Launch

Without a doubt, there is a lot of excitement behind the Fractal launch. After all, its Discord community has grown to more than 110,000 people in the two weeks it’s been open.

In light of its warm reception, Fractal even has a gift for its community. To explain, it plans to airdrop 100,000 NFTs to its first 100,000 Discord members over the next few weeks.

Members will have to verify in the Discord to claim them. What’s more, the NFTs have different rarities. These depend on when a member joined the Discord. In addition, the NFTs will carry some future utility for the Fractal marketplace.

Not to say that it’s only been smooth sailing. As a matter of fact, Fractal suffered a Discord hack just recently. This is sadly a frequent issue for very large Discord communities.

All things considered, Fractal seems to have all the makings of a blockchain gaming powerhouse. While it has only just launched, the platform already has a few high-profile partnerships with well-known blockchain games.

To list, these include Genopets, Portals, Syn City, and The Sandbox. By the same token, Fractals promises that more major partnerships are on the way.

Between its strong community and experienced team, we’re sure to see some big things from the NFT marketplace in 2022.


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