Lost Relics: Play to Earn NFTs with the Newest RPG Blockchain Game

Lost Relics is a Diablo-inspired play-to-earn action-adventure role-playing game powered by Enjin Blockchain. The game challenges players to travel through dungeons, vanquish monsters and discover some of the rarest items.  

Lost Relics banner play to earn action RPG blockchain game

If you’re idea of fun is raiding dungeons, killing monsters and collecting loots then this game is perfect for you! Credit: Enjin

Lost Relics has been using NFTs for nearly two years. Formerly known as Forgotten Artifacts, Lost Relics burst into the NFT gaming scene with thousands of monthly players wielding weaponized NFTs. 

Let’s jump into the game!

Blockchain Game Mechanics

Before entering the dungeon, you need to understand a couple of basic game mechanics.

First, attacking comes in two variations. Left-click leads to the main attack. Meanwhile, a right-click will consume more energy but deliver 3x more damage. Next, camera movement is essential for navigating dungeons quickly and avoiding enemies. The goal is to always move in order to spot enemies and items in the next room strategically.

Lost Relics Dungeon

Dungeon-crawling is all about avoiding fire and slaying enemies. Credit: Lost Relics

Let’s talk about dying in the game. The game is not forgiving when you die. How so? A Death means losing all of the items you gathered on the run. This includes all your experiences and even non-blockchain items you brought into the dungeons. Once you leave the first room of the dungeon, there’s no backing out until you find the exit. So make sure you are prepared with the correct equipment and healing items before entering any new dungeon.  

What is Lost Relics Like to Play?

When you log in to this blockchain game for the first time, you’ll be sent on a few quests to help you get acquainted with Talmuth. It is the land above the dungeons, which includes locations such as the Royal Emporium, Tavern, General Store and more. Then, you’ll be tasked to enter the Lost Relics dungeon for the first time. You’ll be able to collect loot as you explore the dungeon while avoiding fire and slaying enemies. 

Lost Relics Talmuth gameplay map

Commerce on Game Relics happens on Talmuth, particularly the Royal Emporium. Credit: Lost Relics

This game can be unforgiving at times. There is a decent amount of gamers who die in the first dungeon. Gamers die in dungeons all the time, even high-level players. So you do need some sort of strategy running through a dungeon. You can’t just keep clicking forward and pressing the attack, expecting to clear the dungeon. You will need to time your movements if you want to make it out of the dungeon alive.

NFTs, Tokens and Play-To-Earn Mechanics

In Lost Relics, there are two types of items: virtual and blockchain items. Virtual Items can be traded on the Royal Emporium, which is the game’s marketplace.  Plus, they can be purchased with in-game gold. Some items have a limited number of issues, while others have no limit. However in Lost Relics, If you die while holding an item, it will be lost.

Meanwhile, in game blockchain items are managed by the Ethereum blockchain. They can be dropped from monsters, treasure chests, and high-level dungeons. They can be traded as NFTs on Opensea and Enjin’s open market and will not be lost if you die in a dungeon with the item. Instead, these are returned to your inventory.

Lost Relics NFT

The blockchain game is already at the level where trancedent weapons like the Godslayer are being listed for 5 figures. Credit: Lost Relics

In conclusion, the NFTs in this blockchain game are not limited to aesthetics or cool trophies. Rather, they have actual in-game utility and the earning opportunities are directly tied to collecting the NFTs.

To illustrate, at the beginning of 2020, there were only a few hundred players of Lost Relics – around 100 – 200. Legendary weapons were selling for lower than $10; you could find mythical weapons for $50 and transcendentals for just hundreds of dollars. Fast forward to 2021; Lost Relics legendary weapons sell for hundreds of dollars, mythical sell for thousands and transcendentals are getting listed for 5 figures.

Roadmap and Game Updates are available on the website. Sstart exploring the dungeons of Lost Relics or check out some of Enjin’s other great blockchain games like Age of Rust.

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