The Gutter Cat Gang NFT Project: What You Should Know

Gutter Cat Gang is a club-based NFT Collectible Project featuring 3000 cat avatars that unlock exclusive “gang” activities and perks. To clarify, the model is quite similar to the wildly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club, NFT collectibles topping the charts. 

The project was launched back on June 4 with a mint price of  .07 ETH. 3 months later, today’s floor price is 5.99 ETH, meaning you can buy the cheapest Gutter Cat for $22,137. Moreover, the lifetime volume of the project based on OpenSea is over $40,000,000.

So what makes this project a stand-out NFT Collection?

Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Cat Gang features 3,000 cat avatars that unlocks exclusive “gang” activities and perks. Credit: Twitter (@GutterCatGang)

What is the Gutter Cats NFT Collection?

The Gutter cats are procedurally generated with 123 unique properties. Each of these categories has varying levels of rarity and the categories include traits and wearables like: furs, background, eyes, mouth and shirts. 

Gutter City

Gutter City is the place to be for every Gutter Cat with its various gang-approved activities. Credit: Gutter Cat Gang

The project is also building an exclusive Metaverse town on The Sandbox. Gutter City will have underground gambling, in-game events, and catfight clubs to the project’s branding. Graphic artist @VoxelBlaze is in charge of creating 3D Voxel Gutter Cats. With these 3D cats, players are able to play as their  NFT in a Sandbox. The best part? It’s free for all Gutter Cat NFT holders!

Meet the Cat Gang’s Companions: Gutter Rats 

Gutter Cats followed the footsteps of BAYC in terms of releasing a Bored Kennel Companions line for their NFT holders. Gutter Cat Rats were dropped on the website of the Gutter Cat Gang and were utterly free to mint, excluding the gas fees. Based on OpenSea, the cheapest Gutter Rats are available for  1.98 ETH or around $7300. Clearly, the project wants to reward its existing community. 


Meet the Companion NFTs of Gutter Rats. Credit: Gutter Rats

Gutter Cat Gang Membership Benefits

The Feline feline project awards its members with a treasure trove of membership perks and benefits. The project is also making good of its promise to host exclusive events for their Gang. The first annual GutterCon, exclusively for Gutter Cat Gang NFT Holders, will be in the City of Lights. The Gutter Cat Dao promises “the most lit NFT gang membership experience on September 17 – 19” in Las Vegas City.

As promised during the launch, ownership includes creative and commercial rights as well as initiation into the Gang. Reportedly, GutterCon is the first of many exclusive perks that NFT holders can look forward to. The Gutter Cat NFT holders pampering and fun activities. 


Gutter Cat Gang is gearing for the first annual party for NFT holders in the City of Lights. Credit: Gutter Cat Gang

Aside from the meet-up, the team is preparing for a paintball and speed track event. For those who just want to relax, there’s also a spa day and a dinner, which will definitely be a culinary experience. Gutter Cat DAO also teased that there will be a surprise event for all attendees.

Last week, the team also released exclusive merch so holders can show their Gutter Pride! The Gutter Merch Collection 1.0 are NFTs redeemable as the genesis merch bundle, consisting of a dad hat, hoodie, and tee. For .06 ETH, Gutter Cat and Rat NFT holders can mint and customize their bundle. They have the option to choose their preferred styles and size.

With all the progress and success of the project, it’s hard to believe that it’s only 3-months old. So with more time and as thhe fulfills the roadmap, we can only expect “gang, gang” news from team!

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