Racer Club: Get Blockchain Adrenaline With NFT Utility

If you like Mario Kart, Hot Wheels, or Need for Speed, then Racer Club is the perfect blockchain racing game for you. Using Unreal Engine AAA quality architecture, high-utility NFTs, and unique tokenomics, this new project aims to create a powerful ecosystem where top NFT communities can thrive together.

The best part? Each user uses their existing NFTs to play a key role within the ecosystem, so let’s find out all about it:

digital collage from the NFT game Racing Club

Racer Club is an innovative racing blockchain game that combines high-quality design, and racing mechanics, offering gamification utility to existing NFTs in an immersive racing metaverse.

What Is Racer Club?

Racer Club offers the ultimate blockchain gaming utility experience for web3 enthusiasts looking to uplift their favorite NFT community’s game. The 3D gaming project brings the nostalgia of Mario Kart, the adrenaline of Need For Speed, and the customization capabilities of Hot Wheels.

Founded in 2022, Racer Club has collaborated with big players in the space, including Binance, OKX, TDeFi, Gains Associates, Alpine F1, Digifinex, and more. All Racer Clubs created are powered by Unreal Engine with an inbuilt tokenomics model that rewards 90% of its in-game spending to the community. In addition, 5% goes to a deflationary auto-burn mechanism, and the Racer Club DAO manages a balance of 5% to encourage wider user acquisition and growth.

To begin with, users can purchase a Racer Club Shard, to create their club in the game.


What Is a Shard?

A Shard is part of one of the Racer Club’s two utility-driven NFT collections. Ten Shards are useful to create a unique Racer Club License and only 2,500 Racer Club Licenses will ever be available. Shard owners are rewarded 15% of in-game spending as club managers of their community. Once their club goes live, all holders of the NFT project of that club can join in to immerse themselves in competitive multiplayer racing to share the spoils of 75% of the in-game spend.

Racer Club will be the only blockchain game that does not output new NFTs in the game but instead will aim to grow the value of existing NFTs with their proprietary in-game Racer XP and NFT leveling-up model. This way, players can use their favorite NFTs in-game and grow their value independent of the performance of their own projects. At the time of writing, Racer Club is for a KID called BEAST, MAYC, CloneX, CryptoBatz, GoblinTown, and Doodles, all looking poised to have their own game setup in the early incubation phase for their community!

image of a Racer Club NFT Pass

4,000 individual raffle winners will receive an airdrop of the Racer Club OG Fan pass NFT on the 16th of July. Meanwhile, the team has already distributed 1,000 of these to bluechip and early collaborative NFT communities.

How Can You Join Racer Club?

One of the ways to be part of the Racer Club project is to be an owner of a Shard. To get a Shard, you can join the pre-sale which started in the month of July and will run for approximately a month. If you miss the pre-sale, there will be a public Dutch auction in August for the remainder of the Shards. All live action will take place in the Racer Club Game Server launchpad at gs.racerclub.game. As there are only 10 Shards available for each NFT community and only 2,500 unique communities, spots will fill quickly as it already has for some of the smaller but fan-favorite NFT communities that were quick to react. These include ToastPunk, Nakafakas, Goblin Lucky Charm, and PIXELATED.

To be able to buy a Shard during the pre-sale. However, you must own a Racer Club VIP Fan Pass or an OG Fan Pass. The 500 VIP Fan Passes have already dropped in partnership with Binance in May. However, you can still get an airdrop of an OG Fan Pass NFT on July 16th. You can sign up for the official raffle with only 4,000 winners announced here on the Premint platform. There will also be 1,000 OG Fan Passes for Blue Chip and premium collab partners from now until the 16th of July.

Racer Club Fan Passes serve as access tokens to the pre-sale. However, they’re also highly sought-after player utility tokens that provide the holder with unlimited use discounts for in-game spending. You can find more information about this in the Racer Club whitepaper.


The Mission Behind Racer Club

The core goal of Racer Club is to become the largest web3 esports gaming DAO where players, managers, and fans together will take the ‘driver’s seat’ in the evolution and growth of the game. Their upcoming native token, $RCLUB, will release in quarter 4 of 2023. Once all Shards are found, and at least 50 Racer Clubs are in full action, they will support this roadmap while growing the in-game economy.

Of course, this innovative project wouldn’t have been possible without a powerful team behind it.

image of Racing Club CEO Matthew Ng

Matthew Ng, the project’s CEO, has over twenty years of experience in management and entrepreneurship.

Who Founded the Project?

Matthew Ng, also known as ToastPunk.eth, founded Racer Club Labs. The entrepreneur has co-founded successful Australian and Global companies, including PDW Wheels, Altenzo Tyres, LEDified Lighting Corporation, and Dutton One. Right now, he’s the CEO of Racer Club Labs and Director of Warrp – a leading web3 tech and growth solutions firm that has worked with over 150 projects. The list includes the launch of Neymar Jnr’s NFT project during the Qatar World Cup in 2022 and, most recently in 2023, Alpine F1’s racing team NFT Race Collectible in partnership with Binance.

“Go big or go home! Racer Club aims to push the boundaries of what NFTs can achieve, ultimately relying on the community’s response to revolutionize the gaming industry,” the CEO revealed.

Want to become part of this new Web3 journey? If so, make sure to join the race for the OG Fan Pass via Premint by July 15th! Meanwhile, you can try your luck in one of the many giveaways and spaces run by the project by following Racer Club on Twitter. You can join the private Discord server as a Fan Pass holder or as an owner of an NFT from a completed club for alpha discussions,  sneak peeks, and exclusive insights into the world of Racer Club.