Skyweaver x OpenSea Partner for a New and Exciting NFT Drop

Skyweaver game's three gold cards

Cross-platform card game, Skyweaver has partnered with NFT marketplace OpenSea for an exclusive NFT drop. These Gold cards will be available exclusively on OpenSea. In other words, unlike other Gold cards awarded in the game, you won’t be able to get these cards in-game. The browser-based game will drop the collection at 2 pm ET on February 15.

Skyweaver game's three gold cards

Skyweaver’s OpenSea drop will feature three Gold Cards. Credits: Skyweaver

“With this partnership, we aim to benefit the Skyweaver community, enhance the competitive scene, and expand our player base,” Skyweaver wrote. “All the revenue generated from this exclusive drop on OpenSea’s marketplace will fund community tournaments and other special events in the future.”

Skyweaver x OpenSea: All about the exclusive drop

In 2020, Skyweaver had announced that the top Private Beta players would be eligible to receive a Gold Doom Shroom or Gold Starfield. Later, in November last year, the game revealed a third limited edition card—the Call to Action Gold card. This card is reserved for the community and various other marketing initiatives.

Additionally, all three gold cards have a limited supply of 800. For the OpenSea drop, Skyweaver is allocating 20 copies of each card. Each card will cost 0.1 ETH. What’s more, the cards are “positioned to become some of the most coveted community rewards we distribute to players”. In addition, the game hopes to attract new players through the OpenSea drop.

Usually, players mint gold cards via a win-streak game mode in Skyweaver, available for a limited time. However, the Gold Cards in the OpenSea drop are an exception.

Skyweaver’s Open Beta kicks off on February 8. The free-to-play game allows users to “summon creatures, cast spells, and battle other Skyweavers to win new cards”. The cards come in different types: Strength, wisdom, heart, agility, and intellect.

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