‘The Machines Arena’ Introduces In-Game Rewards with NFT Minting Potential

The Machines Arena (TMA) is revolutionizing gaming with NFT integration. In this action-packed team shooter game, players unlock exclusive character skins that can later be minted as valuable NFTs. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • TMA initiates its first in-game season, offering exclusive rewards that players cannot obtain at a later stage. So, join the closed beta from July 11th to September 26th via the Epic Games Store or the official website.
  • Experience intense battles on the new Blacksite map in the Pushback game mode. Also, enjoy enhanced player-versus-environment gameplay with the addition of the character Xe in the Death Run mode.
  • TMA plans to incorporate NFTs using Ethereum’s Ronin network, allowing players to mint valuable character skins. Unlock exclusive rewards by reaching specific levels and be part of the immersive beta experience that preserves your progress for the full release.
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The Machine Arena Revolutionises NFT Gaming

NFT Gaming: The Machine Arena adds NFTs

Experience a gaming revolution with TMA as it integrates NFTs into the action-packed team shooter game. Soon, you will be able to unlock character skins that possess immense value by being mintable into valuable NFTs. Excitingly, TMA launches its first in-game season today, offering limited-time rewards that can’t be obtained later. The closed beta is available via the Epic Games Store, and players can sign up on the official website. Beta Season 1 runs from July 11th to September 26th.

The season brings a new map called Blacksite for the Pushback game mode, akin to Overwatch 2’s Push mode. Two teams battle to eliminate foes and push a cart vehicle to the enemy base within the time limit. TMA also features a player-versus-environment (PVE) mode called Death Run. Beta Season 1 enhances the PVE experience with a new character, Xe, and quality-of-life updates.

While TMA is still in development, it plans to incorporate NFTs using the Ethereum scaling network Ronin. Players can anticipate the release of eight new character skins during the season, which they will be able to mint at a later time. Players reaching levels 25, 50, 75, and 100 unlock exclusive character skins for Zulu, Xe, Tesla, and Daye. Additional rewards go to early players, content creators, select esports players and past championship winners.

Directive Games aims to provide an immersive experience during the beta phase, ensuring players retain their progress and skins when the full release occurs. Giorgio Crosali, Directive Games Community Lead, assures players that unlocked collectibles are theirs forever. The developers have not yet determined the date for minting in-game cosmetics as NFTs. The Machines Arena leads the way in NFT gaming. Join the battle and claim your spot in the digital arena!

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