Everything About Tiki-Style Hashmasks NFT

The Hashmasks NFT is a collection of 16,384 Tiki-styled portraits created by over 70 artists across the globe. Operating under the Suum Cuique Labs, the team launched the collection on 28 January last year. Holders get to take part in the art while enjoying full commercial rights over their NFTs.

Since launching over a year ago, the collection has seen an increasing number of holders. In fact, Hashmasks’ follower growth on Instagram has gone up by 40.3% in the past 30 days. Without further ado, let’s learn more about this amazing collection!

Meet Hashmask#1: Trump in the Hashmasks NFT collection.

Meet Hashmask #1: Trump. Credit: Suum Cuique Labs.

The Hashmasks NFT: What you need to know

Featuring visuals of tribal masks and mythical ancient glyphs, Hashmasks holders can take part in the art as well. How? By naming their exclusive NFTs on the blockchain using Name Change Tokens (NCT). In fact, the naming will impact the NFTs’ rarity afterward.

Additionally, each Hashmasks NFT comes with explicit and implicit rarities. What are the differences? First, explicit rarity is the set of traits serving as general guidance to the public. This includes the character type, mask, skin tone, background, and more.

As for the implicit rarity, these are hidden traits of the artworks waiting for you to discover. It can be anything. For instance, 12.5% of all characters wear an animal mask and only 5.9% of them wear a pixel mask. You may think that pixel masks are more exclusive. But in reality, there are only 13 Hashmasks (0.08%) wearing a unicorn mask. Thus, characters with unicorn masks are in fact, more unique than those wearing a pixel mask. With so many possible combinations, curious art lovers will definitely enjoy uncovering them.

What’s the Name Change Token (NCT)?

Name Change Token (NCT) is an ERC-20 token that you can burn off to name your Hashmasks NFT on the blockchain. To be exact, you will need 1,830 NCTs per attempt for each NFT. How to get NCTs? Easy. Your Hashmask NFT will be the one emitting 10 NCT tokens every day for you to claim. To get 1,830 NCTs, just hold onto your NFT for approx. half a year.

According to the team, NCT token emissions will stop after 10 years. That will be on 26 January 2031. From then on, owners can continue to burn NCTs to rename their NFTs. However, names cannot be identical. Once the last NCT token is burnt, the art piece will be complete.

Exploring Hashmasks NFT takes forever

I’m not joking. With over hundreds of thousands of possible combinations, it will take us forever to fully explore the amazing artworks of Hashmasks NFTs. Until today, the team occasionally organizes quizzes and events for the public to explore mysterious aspects of the artworks.

For instance, in its latest Mystery Hour event, participants are tasked to investigate the puzzling appearance of colored dots on some of the Hashmasks NFTs. Is it an artists’ error or an intentional part of the masterpiece? If you wish to participate, make sure you join Hashmasks’ Discord. By the way, the person with the most complete answer stands a chance to win a Hashmask NFT!

Mystery Hour: The Dot.

What’s that dot over there? Credit: Suum Cuique Labs.

What’s next for Hashmasks?

Nonetheless, Hashmasks NFT is one of the earliest success stories in Web3. Based on its latest roadmap, there are museum and gallery partnerships coming up. Official merch drop is also in the plans. Furthermore, there will be community meetups in the upcoming NFT NYC (June) and the Art Basel Week in Miami.

Other than that, from its latest Town Hall on 14 April, we understand that the team is under discussion with ZooDAO (P2E NFT game) and NFTX on future partnerships.

All in all, there’s so much going on in the background for this project. Ultimately, we can’t wait to see more exciting developments coming from the team of Hashmasks NFT.

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