An NFT Evening with…Thomas Gavache from NFT hypercar brand, nfast

The NFT digital hypercar designer like no other, nfast. The project aims to bring supercars to the metaverse, including features from real-life vehicles. Its debut R-01 model, created for the blockchain game REVV Racing, sold for $100,000 – and this is just the beginning!

Project founder, Thomas Gavache, gave us an insight into the nfast project, along with its future plans and launches. Here’s what he had to say about supercars, NFTs and nfast’s plans for the future:


Image of an NFT hypercar from the nfast debut collection

NFT project nfast is a collectors’ dream, combining two of their greatest passions: racing cars and NFTs. Credits: nfast

NFT Evening: First things first, tell us about nfast hypercars: How did it all begin?

Thomas Gavache: It started around February 2021. At the time I had been following the development of the NFT space for a few months. I really wanted to develop a personal project, something that would be a mix of my professional background in digital and gaming, and of a more personal passion. Sports cars and car design were the obvious choices! The only thing is I don’t have any skills in design, so I had to find the right partner. That’s when I stumbled upon Arseny’s work. His style instantly caught my attention.

I reached out to him, pitched him the idea of creating an exclusive, metaverse-only sports cars brand, and a few meetings later we decided to kick off the project! I got to add Arseny is not only super talented but also a super smart and nice guy… Getting to work with someone you get along with, especially in a space where things evolve so quickly and can be a bit intense, is really a chance!

NFTE: What has been your favorite part of the nfast hypercar project so far and why?

Thomas: The only model we have released is also our first one, the R-01, but it’s definitely been a fun ride – designing the model, working with Animoca Brands to ensure REVV Racing integration, engaging with our community on Twitter and Discord… The last part is probably my favorite 😉


NFTE: What are your favorite real-life supercars? Is that where you get your inspiration?

Thomas: My personal favorites include the Ferrari F40, a dream car for most kids of my generation. Most recently, I really liked the Lamborghini Centenario, an extreme, yet rather “sober” design (for a Lambo) and above all: timeless. I’m 100% sure this one will age very well, and designing a car that doesn’t get old requires some special talent.

It’s less extreme, but I also have a thing for the Porsche 911 993 and the Ferrari F355, probably one of the most beautiful cars ever designed – really timeless, too!

NFTE: What are the biggest challenges you’ve encountered with this project so far?

Thomas: I think the biggest challenges have been on the design side. We had to create a unique car that would live (and race!) in the metaverse. However, we also wanted to keep the architecture of a real hypercar – the position of the engine, the aerodynamics… That’s where the 12+ years of Arseny’s experience as a professional car designer are super helpful! The R-01 is not only a nice-looking “envelope”, there’s a real hypercar architecture behind the car’s body!


image of the R-01 hypercar NFT created by nfast

The first nfast hypercar model, created for Animoca Brands’ REVV Racing, sold for $REVV 787,603.95. Credits: nfast

NFTE: You recently partnered with Animoca brands to create hypercars for REVV racing. How did that opportunity arise and what is it like working with Animoca?

Thomas: nfast’s mission is to reinvent the experience of exclusive sports cars for the metaverse. We couldn’t really achieve that without allowing owners to drive and race with their cars. Thereore, partnering with Animoca Brands – a leader in blockchain-gaming, with a strong motorsports ecosystem – just seemed like a natural fit. We instantly “clicked” and absolutely love working with them – they’ve all been super nice and available from day 1! A truly great partner to work with.

NFTE: Your R-01 model just sold for 100k. Could you tell us a little about why it’s such a special model?

Thomas: This model is special for three main reasons: first, it’s a professionally-designed hypercar, with a real architecture behind the car’s body and state-of-the-art attention to detail and overall quality. Second, it’s our very first model – which will hopefully create some value for its original owner over time. And last but not least, it’s the very first Apex car to be released for Animoca Brands‘ latest and very ambitious racing title, REVV Racing.


screenshot of a nfast NFT hypercar

The nfast hypercars have plenty of detailed features inspired by physical supercars. Credits: nfast

NFTE: Tell us your views on the role of NFTs in the future. How do you see yourselves in that future?

Thomas: It’s no secret that our digital lives are taking increasing importance and with them our digital identities and the experiences we live in the metaverse. I think NFTs have a role to play in both aspects.

First, there’s the proof of ownership guaranteed by the underlying blockchain technology. NFTs can play a central role in affirming their owners’ digital identities. This can be through profile pictures on social media, or possessions in the form of digital art… or digital supercars!

Second, I think NFTs are also about allowing their owners to live new experiences in the metaverse, whether it’s going to a party in Decentraland, opening a gallery for their digital art collection, or racing and earning tokens with their hypercar.

I think nfast has a role to play on both sides, as a way for their owners to affirm their digital identities but also to live new experiences. Collectors can enjoy looking at their hypercar in HD. However, they can also race and earn with it, or show it to their friends, thanks to augmented reality!

NFTE: Is there any announcement or secret you would like to share with our readers?

Thomas: Unfortunately we can’t say much about it, but we just signed an agreement that will lead to the release of a world and metaverse first. We are super excited about it and should be able to tell you more in 2 or 3 weeks!


Want to know more? You can check out more sneak-peeks from nfast on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Make sure you also join their Discord channel for exclusive NFT announcements! Plus, at NFTevening we will keep you updated with the latest of nfast’s releases!


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