Be Part of Fableborne’s History and Play to Mint Exclusive Primordials NFTs

The Fableborne NFT game revealed its debut minting process shortly after a successful playtest.


  • Fableborne is a new RPG-style Web3 game with a fantasy setting, and its debut NFT collection, Primordials NFTs, features PFP-style mystical animals.
  • The NFTs are built on the Polygon network and will be minted through two play-to-mint systems, including free mints for winners of Pixion League Pre-Mint events and the Fableborne playtest.
  • The game involves multiplayer combat, claiming islands, and building bases, and in-game purchases will be available, including NFT Heroes.
image from the Fableborne NFT game

The new NFT game Fableborne revealed details into its debut NFT collection mint process.

How Can You Mint a Fablebonrne Primordials NFT?

Fableborne is the latest RPG-style Web3 game to take over the blockchain. Its debut NFT collection, titled Primordials NFTs, consists of PFP-style mythical animals. While we don’t know much about these companions, they might be a key part of the game.

Accordingly, the NFTs live on the Polygon network and will drop via the Magic Eden platform. The minting system is different, too, with two play-to-mint systems:

  • Two free mints, airdropped to the winners of the Pixion League Pre-Mint events;
  • One mint for the top-ranking player of the recent Fableborne playtest (now closed);
  • Three free mints for the top three winners of the upcoming Pixion League Pre-Mint Tournament.

If you want to mint, make sure to follow Fableborne via Twitter of Discord for the official launch dates.


What Is Fableborne?

In essence, Fableborne is a play-to-own game with a fantasy setting that involves multiplayer combat. The core goal of the game is to claim islands, build powerful bases, and hunt down other players’ islands to expand this empire. Each combat session is quick since this game is actually mainly made for mobile.

At the time of writing, the founding team didn’t reveal much about the game itself. However, we do know there will be in-game purchases available, including NFT Heroes – characters you can use to scout new islands.

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