Crypto Cannabis Club to Host Weed-Themed Metaverse Event on Decentraland

Looking forward to relaxing this Friday? Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC) is inviting everyone to a weed-themed metaverse party in Decentraland. This NFT event celebrates the mega milestones of the upcoming collectibles this month. Plus, the big reveal of CCC’s  much-anticipated NFT weed plants.

CCC has plenty of things to celebrate. Firstly, the collection was completely sold out and generated $9500 Million in secondary sales as of press time. Moreover, the project proudly boasts 20,000 members on Discord and almost 18,000 followers on Twitter. Clearly, the metaverse Stoners enjoyed a grand time since launch!

Crypto Cannabis Club

Meet the 10,000 Stoner NFTs chilling in the Metaverse. Credit: OpenSea

More about Crypto Cannabis Club’s Decentraland Party

To experience plenty of weed-based shenanigans, head over to the Vegas City skatepark in Decentraland. Hopefully, bag yourself Crypto Cannabis Club Decentraland wearables or participate in their giveaway of 10 branded skateboards. Additionally, a music score will feature lots of liquid drum and bass.

Seemingly, the Decentraland party reaffirms the project’s branding. “CCC is a collection of 10k NFToker avatars who spend their days chilling on the Ethereum blockchain.” 

Meanwhile, each NFToker will receive the equivalent digital weed plant. Additionally, the plants will provide a breeding mechanic to the community as green-fingered hedonists compete to grow the best strains and trade the fruits of their labor on the open market.

In fact, the Crypto Cannabis Club’s Decentraland party is actually very much in line with the NFT project’s roadmap. NFTokers’ utility includes the ability to breed and sell cannabis plant NFTs on secondary markets, compete in crypto cannabis cup competitions, and passively earn by going to work in the greenhouse (aka staking). 

For those who want to check out some other cannabis inspired projects, The CCC is certainly not the first. Cannabis education company, Grow.House, already released NFTs with the aim to provide knowledge on the regulated plant.

Meanwhile in Decentraland, the Crypto Cannabis Club is inviting you to come hang with like-minded individuals. Join what they call “the dopest smoke spot” in the metaverse, with this link here.



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