Everything About Weed Themed Collectibles, the Crypto Cannabis Club NFT Collection

The Crypto Cannabis Club NFT collection has established itself as one of the coolest NFTs in the crypto world. As the name suggests, these weed-themed avatar NFT collectibles just spend their days “chilling” on the Ethereum blockchain.

In the past seven days alone, these uber-cool avatar NFTs have raked in $935,000 in total sales volume, as per NFT Stats. Moreover, on average, a single one of these marijuana themed NFTs will cost you $1,525. 

If you’re wondering what exactly is the Crypto Cannabis Club, don’t worry. We have you covered!

NFTs from Crypto Cannabis Club collection

The CCC consists of 10,000 unique “NFToker” avatars. Credits: CCC

What are the Crypto Cannabis Club NFTs?

The Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC) consists of 10,000 unique NFToker avatars. Like many avatar NFT Collections, NFTokers are generated algorithmically. An algorithm randomly combines illustrations across nine categories to generate these avatars. These categories include eyes, mouth, hat, shirt, skin, and more. Some of these avatars also come with hidden attributes that can amp up their skills during the Crypto Cannabis Cup.

This cannabis themed collection focuses on a futuristic, eco-utopian world governed by DAO. Here, the entire society runs on the blockchain and the currency is crypto. Plus, they tend have a soft spot for both the NFT scene, and the famous controversial drug.

The project dropped these avatar NFTs on July 30 at a price of 0.07 ETH per NFT. Currently, the entire collection is sold out. However, many are still available on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea if you’re prepared to pay a little more.

NFTs from Crypto Cannabis Club collection

Some uber-cool NFTokers of CCC. Credits: CCC

Perks for NFToker holders

Anyone who holds an NFToker automatically becomes a member of the Crypto Cannabis Club. Furthermore, they get to participate in the Crypto Cannabis Cup; a digital cannabis growing competition on the blockchain. Apparently, the NFT cannabis cup winners will not only get NFTs but also real-world cannabis-related rewards.

There’s more. NFToker holders can also redeem an NFTokin, a cannabis plant NFT. These NFTs have unique attributes such as buds, leaves, and stalks. They also have some hidden characteristics such as THC, terpenes, yield, and CBD.  

Using some skills and real-world cannabis growing knowledge, owners can breed these plants on-chain. Owners of male plants can even collect breeding fees. Rarer the NFTokin, higher the fees!

Now, if the plant’s performance is poor, owners can burn it to receive a partial refund of breeding fees. However, if the plant’s performance is high, it will become a legend! Holders can also enter the plants in competitions to win rewards. Additionally, they can stake the plants to passively earn.

Some notable sales

NFToker #7816 is one of the most expensive NFTs in the collection, fetching its owner around $39,900. It features rare BTC red eyes, stay high skin, gold hoop earring, and dabs shirt, among others.

NFToker #7816 of Crypto Cannabis Club NFT collection

NFToker #7816 was sold for around $39,900. Credits: OpenSea

Another notable sale is of NFToker #1775. This one fetched its owner around $31,900. While NFToker #7489 was sold for $19,500, NFToker #635 was sold for $19,200.

Last week, CCC hosted a weed-themed metaverse party in Decentraland to celebrate its milestones. The event was replete with branded skateboard giveaway, music score, and NFTokin drop. 

If you missed the party, head over to their website, Twitter, or Discord, to “hang with like-minded individuals in the dopest smoke spot in the metaverse!”

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