From NFTs to Accessible Gameplay: Axie Infinity Sets Trend for Web3 Evolution

man sitting in gaming chair playing Web3 games

Blockchain gaming is taking a cue from the past with a new trend that merges Web2 and Web3 characteristics. Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn Web3 game, previously launched a “Lite” version where players don’t need to own NFTs to participate. This shift is emblematic of a larger movement within the blockchain gaming sector. Furthermore, studios are blending the accessibility and gameplay quality of Web2 with the blockchain nature of Web3. The gradual shift is sparking discussions about when these two gaming worlds will become indistinguishable.


  • Blockchain gaming merges Web2 and Web3 traits, exemplified by Axie Infinity’s “Lite” version not requiring NFT ownership.
  • Studios blend Web2 accessibility and Web3 innovation, sparking discussions about their eventual convergence.
  • More meticulous development approaches attract players, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming.

man sitting in gaming chair playing Web3 games

Web3 Games Become More Accessible For Web2 Users

This evolution signifies a more mature approach, departing from the rush to launch that once dominated the industry. Rather than speeding out releases, Web3 studios are taking their time, reminiscent of the Web2 era’s meticulous development process. The change is attracting more players to the Web3 fold, driven by studios’ newfound focus on substance over speed.

In contrast to Web2’s thorough testing before release, Web3 games often launched with limited testing to expedite entry. This occasionally led to bugs and technical issues for players, driven by hasty development cycles. However, as studios prioritize user experience, the landscape is transforming. Games in development today include extensive pre-launch testing, elongating build cycles. This shift doesn’t necessarily translate to improved graphics but aims to enhance player retention. Furthermore, some Web3 games are also launching Web2 options, like Axie Infinity. Recently, Wreck League announced that the game will offer two versions: Web2 and Web3. The hybrid model aims to attract a diverse audience. It does this by avoiding complicated blockchain jargon and welcoming both traditional gamers and Web3 enthusiasts.

The convergence between Web2 and Web3 games has prompted traditional gamers to enter the scene. This melding is not an overnight transformation, given the lengthy development timelines of AAA games and ongoing Web3 technology advancements. Despite these challenges, Web3 gamers remain steadfast, investing time and resources in games that prioritize quality.

As the lines blur, a future awaits where the distinction between Web2 and Web3 games disappears. As studios concentrate on building more captivating games, players stand to reap the rewards of an evolving industry. Ultimately, the blend of Web2 accessibility and Web3 innovation is poised to reshape the gaming landscape in profound ways.

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