Gala Games Unleashes ‘Mystery Box’ Extravaganza: NFTs and Treasures Await!

Picture of Gala games mystery boxes

In a strategic step towards their dedicated blockchain, GYRI, Gala Games successfully transitions all their Gala Games NFTs into the ecosystem. The excitement builds as Gala Games gears up to unleash a unique ‘Mystery Box‘ sale.

With five tiers of rarity and a staggering collection of over 350 distinct items tucked within, August might bring a special surprise to fortunate participants. This also marks a significant stride towards the shift to their GYRI chain, encompassing game assets, NFTs, nodes, and development.


  • Gala Games migrates NFTs to GYRI chain, gearing up for unique ‘Mystery Box’ sale.
  • Five rarity tiers, 350+ items, NFTs from various games inside, ranging from Bronze to Diamond.
  • Mirandus-themed Mystery Box on the horizon, no gas fees, potential for NFT trading.

Picture of Gala games mystery boxes

Gala Games Drops NFT Mystery Boxes: Ready To Unlock Digital Treasure?

The Mystery Boxes encompass an enticing assortment, ranging across Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels. Further, the prices range from $19 USD for Bronze to a premium $999 for Diamond. Each box shelters three captivating items.

The gifts also spans titles like The Walking Dead: Empires, Superior, Echoes of Empire, Town Star, Last Expedition, Legacy, and Meow Match. Jewels of these boxes encompass invaluable treasures. They feature treasures such as the rare Ancient Daryl NFT from The Walking Dead, the Epic Celestial Claims from Echoes of Empire, and the prized Ancient Primal Ravagers from Last Expedition.

Beyond NFTs, certain items include chests housing coveted SILK or GALA tokens. Additionally, Gala Games ensures a curated blend within each chest. This prevents all items from originating from the same game, with the added assurance of at least one NFT presence per Mystery Box.

One notable absence is Mirandus, an upcoming fantasy MMO. Mirandus is poised for its own exclusive Mystery Box sale later in the year. This box focuses solely on Mirandus-themed items, teasing an intriguing future event.

Operating within Gala’s sidechain, unveiling these enigmatic Boxes won’t incur gas fees or transaction costs. While the exact sale date remains undisclosed, speculations hint at an August unveiling. This drop is keeping enthusiasts on the edge of their seats for what Gala Games has in store!

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