Immutable X Integrates GameStop Wallet; Users To Get Early Access

Immutable X and Gamestop

Immutable X, the layer 2 Ethereum protocol has made the Gamestop wallet available on their gas-free protocol. Through this new partnership, users will gain early access to Gamestop wallet users on Immutable X L2. Specifically, it’ll be integrated into the Immutable X Link infrastructure, making the wallet natively compatible across the entire protocol.

Immutable X and Gamestop

Immutable X and GameStop have partnered to give GameStop Wallet users early access.

Immutable X and Gamestop Wallet

With the integration of Gamestop Wallet, any marketplace on Immutable X, or any partners, that supports the Link infrastructure will natively offer the Gamestop wallet as an option to connect and trade. The protocol said on their website that most of the marketplaces and their partners support Link, but users can confirm by checking if the GameStop wallet appears in the menu’s wallet section when connecting.

GameStop is hard at work integrating Immutable X directly into their wallet extension. For now, users have full functionality on the Immutable X, with a slightly different user flow for Immutable X actions. The company have confirmed that a fully integrated wallet will be released soon, but until then, they can offer GameStop users access to the full Immutable X ecosystem.

What is Immutable X?

To clarify, Immutable X is the leading Layer 2 for NFTs that is fully secured by Ethereum. They call themselves the only gas-free minting platform, having 30,000,000 NFTs minted this year and $0 in gas. Also, they are 100% carbon neutral, with 2,400,000,000 kWh in energy saved this year.

They allow for their clients, including Gamestop, Rarible, Marvel, Disney, VeeFriends and more to scale at speed. Their NFTs, once listed with Immutable X, can be instantly distributed to several marketplaces which they own.

GaryVee backed Immutable X when launching his Book games for VeeFriends. It made sense to him. With hundreds of expected transactions all day, every day, it only made sense for him to choose a solution which would mean he, and his fans, would not pay gas fees for each and every single transaction completed. It maximised his profits, as well as the profits of those who were ‘quick flipping’ his NFTs.

GameStop in NFTs

GameStop’s NFT marketplace recently launched on Immutable X, the Ethereum layer-2 platform. They have done this to allow users to own, buy, and sell digital assets without paying gas fees, as you see on Ethereum’s main blockchain.

Beyond this, the US games company announced a $100 million fund for game developers in web3 to enhance this space as a whole.

Finally, they are now launching their very own NFT wallet, to compete with the likes of MetaMask. It is a self-custodial Ethereum wallet which gives users full control of their assets. Their phrase: “power to the players”, was shared by Immutable X in the campaign of their collaboration.

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