Kevin’s Rebirth: From Pixelmon Controversy to Collectible on Base

pixelmon Kevin summer nft

In an unexpected turn of events, the infamous Pixelmon character “Kevin” has been resurrected as a $2 NFT on the Base network. This marks a unique celebration of both the platform’s launch and Pixelmon’s tumultuous past. Read on to find out more about Kevin, his past, and his new future.


  • Pixelmon’s infamous character “Kevin” reemerges as a $2 NFT on the Base network, celebrating Base’s launch and Pixelmon’s history.
  • Kevin gained fame through Pixelmon’s missteps, becoming a crypto community symbol with his unique appearance and distinct features.
  • Coinbase’s reintroduction of Kevin as an NFT offers buyers perks, commemorating Base’s launch and highlighting unexpected fame in the NFT world.pixelmon Kevin summer nft


Kevin From Pixelmon: New Beginnings

Let’s take you back to the beginning. Pixelmon is a unique NFT-based game that draws inspiration from Nintendo’s famed Pokémon series. The game allows users to purchase creatures as Ethereum-based NFTs, contributing to the growing trend of blockchain-based gaming experiences.

Notably, Pixelmon initially gained significant attention when enthusiasts minted the creatures at a staggering cost of 3 ETH each in February 2022. Therefore, the developers accumulated an impressive $70 million! However, the excitement quickly turned sour at the artwork reveal. The odd artwork caused widespread mockery and criticism on social media.

Amid the uproar, Kevin emerged as a symbol of Pixelmon’s missteps, capturing the imagination of the crypto community with his distinct appearance. The NFT’s unique features, including his blocky body, golden buck teeth, and endearing lost googly eyes, led to an unexpected phenomenon. Kevin’s popularity also extended to various facets, spawning dedicated Twitter accounts and even a memecoin in his honor.

Interestingly, Pixelmon Kevin’s enduring legacy is evident in the NFT market, with “OG Kevin” NFTs consistently commanding higher prices than the rest of the Pixelmon collection. While Pixelmon NFTs start at around 0.3 ETH ($525), “OG Kevin” NFTs begin at 3 ETH ($5,240) on OpenSea.

The Pixelmon project then saw a shift in ownership when LiquidX acquired a majority stake in September 2022. The new team took on the challenge of redesigning the characters while preserving Kevin’s distinctive appearance.

Summer Kevin on Coinbase!

Now, Coinbase, a prominent crypto exchange, has reintroduced the iconic Pixelmon character “Kevin”. Kevin is now an NFT collectible donning summer attire. This move not only commemorates the debut of Coinbase’s new Base network but also offers various advantages to NFT holders. Kevin costs $2 (0.001 ETH). The NFT also provides buyers with an entry into an NFT egg raffle within the game, “perks” for an upcoming mini-game on Base, and the exclusive opportunity to purchase a physical Kevin building block set as part of Coinbase’s “Onchain Summer” initiative.

In the world of NFTs, Kevin serves as a reminder that unexpected turns can lead to enduring fame and success.

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