NFT NYC 2023 – Everything You Need to Know!

We’re just a few days away from the highly-anticipated NFT NYC 2023!

NFT NYC is an annual conference and festival dedicated to NFTs and blockchain technology. Significantly, the event features industry leaders, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts who gather to share their experiences, insights, and visions for the future of NFTs. It also provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and learning about the latest developments in the NFT space.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the featured speakers and community events that you won’t want to miss!


Get Ready for the Ultimate NFT Experience at NFT.NYC 2023

Meet the NFT NYC 2023 Featured Speakers

President of VeeFriends, Andy Krainak

Firstly, meet Andy Krainak, the President of VeeFriends. Essentially, VeeFriends is a revolutionary IP company created through NFT technology. Significantly, it’s one of the world’s top projects led by Chairman Gary Vaynerchuk. Since its inception, Andy has been instrumental in supporting the company’s expansion from an NFT project to an IP company. He has overseen the company’s growth and has launched notable VeeFriends partnerships like “Veebok,” Macy’s, Toys R US, and Mattel’s UNO card game. Andy will be speaking in a panel titled “NFTs Will Usher In The Next Wave Of Innovative Branding and IP Building” on the main stage on Thursday April 13th.

Psychotherapist and Co-founder of Held Mind, Marianne Le Coyte Grinney

Now, let’s talk about another NFT NYC 2023 speaker, Marianne Le Coyte Grinney. Marianne co-founded Held Mind, a web3 mental health and recovery service, and is a vocal advocate for ethical and safe practices within the space. Notably, she is also the Mental Health advisor for World of Women. Additionally, Marianne is a Psychotherapist and Clinical Lead at the UK’s NHS, and Director of On-Chain Therapy and IRIS Psychotherapy.

Recently recognized as one of the 115 most inspirational women in web3, Marianne is dedicated to leveraging web3 technology to destigmatize mental health and make recovery support more accessible for everyone. Marianne is speaking at the panel “NFTs, a Mental Health Call to Action” alongside her Held Mind co-founders Doug Hardman and AfromCLE, NFT creator MikeMongo, and fellow web3 psychotherapist, Ann Dypiangco. This panel will take place on the Main Stage on Thursday 13th April.

Marianne Le Coyte Grinney at NFT.NYC

NFT Artist and Fashion Consultant, Adriana Krawcewicz

Lastly, Adriana Krawcewicz is a British-Polish fashion NFT artist who has focused on female empowerment through her artwork. Significantly, Black Dove Gallery in Miami exhibited her art at an NFT exhibition during Art Basel, making her the first to have an NFT exhibition on fashion illustration.

Previously, Adriana has advised various brands and organizations including Hewlett Packard, Valde Beauty, and Middlesex University of London. Additionally, she has worked with clients such as Oscar De La Renta, Ted Baker, Roberto Cavalli, Tod’s, and Vogue. Adriana will be speaking on the panel “Journey from Fashion to NFTs” on the Brand’s Stage on Wednesday 12th April at NFT NYC 2023.

Discover the Fun-Filled Community Events at NFT NYC 2023

The Doodle Boy and Orange Comet

Orange Comet and Joe Whale, also known as The Doodle Boy, have announced an art exhibition and charity event during NFT NYC 2023. The exhibition, taking place at the NFT Gallery on April 12, will showcase a 10-piece collection. Significantly, this event features world-renowned artists known for pioneering storytelling and traditional aesthetics with digital art.

Additionally, the event will support The Foundling Museum charity as the recipient of the proceeds. Joe has collaborated with some of the showcased artists to create unique digital NFT art pieces. Significantly, these pieces will come with its physical counterpart on canvas. Ultimately, the exhibition titled “FABLE: TALES OF CHILDISH REVERY” aims to inspire joy and reconnect people with their inner child through creative imagination.

9dcc's Treasure hunt pin

Make meaningful connections and win prizes at the community events of NFT.NYC 2023

9dcc’s Treasure Hunt

gmoney, the founder of luxury lifestyle brand 9dcc, is holding a treasure hunt during NFT NYC 2023! The event will take place on April 12th and participants have the opportunity to win amazing prizes. Excitingly, the hunt starts at an undisclosed location. Participants will then follow a trail of clues to various landmarks around New York City. They’ll also need to check in at different locations to receive commemorative POAPs and pins from NYC-based artist Snuffy.

Additionally, the 9dcc team will unveil their latest product, the luxurious ITERATION-03 baseball cap. Not only is it stylish, but it also comes with cutting-edge Networked Product technology. To secure one of these limited edition hats, you must sign up on Tokenproof and arrive early at the event, since supplies are limited.

PROOF x Beeple

Now for another NFT NYC 2023 event that’s causing a stir amongst NFT enthusiasts! With only 400 attendees getting the chance to network and collaborate, of course we’re talking about the exclusive NFT NYC PROOF x Beeple event. The event is happening in Brooklyn on April 13th. Additionally, it will be filled with a live performance from Beeple, music, and a sneak peek at the Diamond Nest Trailer. It promises to be an exceptional experience!

So, how can we attend? Holders of PROOF Collective, Moonbirds, and Oddities tokens are eligible to enter the raffle to win a ticket. PROOF of Conference ticket holders receive priority, followed by those with multiple tokens in the PROOF ecosystem. To enter the raffle, visit the PROOF mint site. But with limited space for only 400 attendees, winning a ticket to this exclusive gathering is a coveted prize, and tickets are non-transferable. Furthermore, ten lucky in-person attendees will also receive a special NFT during the event.

Token Art NYC “unconference”

Token Art NYC is offering an artist-focused day of in-person conversation, where attendees set the agenda. Significantly, participants of Token Art NYC will have a say in the topics of discussion through proposal and voting. Multiple breakout areas will be available for these conversations, allowing participants to move freely based on their interests.

At the event, popular artists, Emily Edelman, Alex Supkay, and Steve Pikelny will gift tagged physical prints of their generative artworks, authenticated by Iterati. This modular platform links physical prints to digital collections, creating revenue streams for NFT artists while enhancing the patron experience. Join the “unconference” on April 14 during NFT.NYC and be part of the exciting moment in art history!

What about ApeFest at NFT NYC 2023?

But what is actually happening with ApeFest? Well, Yuga Labs, the team behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, is shaking things up for ApeFest 2023. After two successful events at NFT NYC, the team are now looking for a new location. This annual festival has become a must-attend event for Bored Ape and Mutant Ape holders, drawing massive crowds. However, Yuga Labs will not be hosting ApeFest in conjunction with NFT NYC this year.

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