Robotos: NFT Droid Characters Designed by Pablo Stanley

Robotos NFT Collection features 10,000 droid characters designed by the iconic artist Pablo Stanley. True to its branding, the first generation of this sold-out series was constructed from various metal outfits, tin faces and digital accessories. Humoring the community, the project tweeted that, “there are rumors that you could find humans pretending to be robots too.”

Meet the Droids in Robotos NFT Collection

The project was launched with a mint price of .05 ETH. As of press time, the mint price has almost doubled at .09 ETH. This means that the cheapest Robotos NFT is available for $290. The lifetime volume is 2400 ETH or around $7.7 Million. 

Each NFT was algorithmically generated by combining 170+ unique traits with varying rarity across categories. So a trait can either be common, less common, rare and super rare. To illustrate, an example of a common trait is a mohawk while a super rare trait is a human face. 

Robotos NFTs OpenSea

The sold-out collection combines 170+ traits with varying levels of rarities. Credit: OpenSea

The team also gave a green light for NFT holders to maximize their Robotos. NFT holders received image assets of their Robotos NFT, including an animated GIF, PNG and SVG file, which is resolution-free. Moreover, each Roboto comes with rights to create and distribute derivatives. 

Meet the Artist and Explore the Creative Process

Pablo Stanley, the artist behind the Robotos NFT Collection, has previously contributed to the design with open-source illustrations like Open Peeps, Humaaans, Avataaars, Buttts, Bottts, and Open Doodles. Previously he was a Lead at InVision, a Staff Designer at Lyft, and co-founder of Carbon Health. This means that apart from being the Robotos NFT artist, he also has exposure to UI/UX for apps and websites. Later, you’ll see how this has influenced his creative process. 

Photo of Pablo Stanley

The artist behind the Robotos NFT project is an accomplished illustrator, speaker and UI/UX designer. Credit: Pablo Stanley

In an interview with Benzinga, he shared that he got into the NFT space by accident. Three years ago, he created an open-sourced illustration library that others can freely use. Then, a few months ago, he discovered that someone released an NFT Collection using his art. He joked that it put him in a unique situation wherein the art was his but he was not connected to the project in any way. So that situation inspired him to get into NFTs because there was already an existing community that loved his art.

As an 80’s kid, he loved Robots, particularly the transformers. That’s why it was a focal point in his style in the makings of the Robotos NFT Collection. Talking more about the art side, he said it was a big experiment. Mainly, as he used Figma instead of a traditional tool for illustrations. It is actually a tool for UI/UX and product development. He explained that he chose Figma because it has the basic tools needed for creating the kind of art in Robotos. Plus, it has a design manager making it easy to assemble the components of the NFTs. 

What’s Next for the Droid NFTs? 

The team shared that their focus now is to drive utility to the NFT holders. The first priority is to develop the Robotos NFT collection backstory and the ideas behind characters in their universe. Then, the team is also planning to launch an exclusive Robotos NFT Gallery. Plus, holders can look forward to monthly exclusive NFTs from collaborations with other artists and projects. Finally, the most important development would be the introduction of a breeding component for a second generation of Robotos NFTs.

The project has been praised for its transparency and the level it involves the community.  So if you have any thoughts or suggestions for Pablo and his Robots NFT community, hop on to their Discord Channel and say something!

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