Romantic NFT Gift Guide: Sweep Your Valentine Off Their Feet With These Must-Have NFT Gift Ideas!

It’s almost Valentines’ day, and what better gift for your loved one (or ones) than an NFT? Flowers will wilt and chocolates are eaten, but NFTs are forever. As reported by CNBC, young investors are splurging on NFTs and digital assets for gifts. With the NFT market soaring, who can blame them?

So, to help you find the perfect NFT gift for your loved one, we have put together a list of the best NFT gifts for the NFT enthusiast in your life. If you’re looking to get the ultimate quirky valentines gift, look no further than this valentines NFT gift guide.

Buying an NFT

So you want to gift an NFT for Valentine’s Day? Great! Before we dive into digital gifts, let’s look at to buying and transferring an NFT.

Create a Digital Wallet

The first step in your NFT gifting journey is to have a digital wallet. If you already have one, move on to step two. If not, it’s time to create your crypto wallet. This digital wallet will store any NFTs that you buy. There are two types of wallets: hot and cold. Hot wallets are software wallets that are connected to the internet via your computer or phone and include MetaMask and Phantom. Cold wallets are hardware devices that keep your data offline, the most popular one being Ledger. Further, for step-by-step instructions on creating your crypto wallet, check out our guide on the best crypto wallets for buying and storing NFTs.

Buy an NFT

Once you have decided which NFT to purchase, head to a marketplace to complete the transaction. There are many NFT marketplaces, from the ever-popular OpenSea to the fine-art marketplace SuperRare. Follow the specific marketplace instructions on how to purchase your NFT. Some platforms accept fiat while others may require you to pay in cryptocurrency. However, make sure to only buy from legitimate sources to keep your funds and wallet safe.

Gifting an NFT

If you’ve made it this far, you have successfully purchased the NFT gift. Now, to send the NFT to someone else, you will need their wallet address. If you want to keep the gift a surprise, wait until they receive it before asking for their wallet address. You could print a photo of the NFT you have purchased and put it inside a card or have the NFT printed and hang it on a wall. Then, when you’re ready, ask the recipient for their wallet address. Make sure to double-check the address, as once you send the NFT, you cannot get it back.

Finally, give yourself a pat on the back for giving a unique and special Valentine’s Day gift!

man on knee proposing with nft valentine gift

An NFT Valentines Day (img. credit: Cryptologi)

NFT Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Jewelry

Who doesn’t love jewelry? Send your love some digital jewellery this valentines day. Choose the perfect crystal from FVCKRENDER’s FVCK_CRYSTAL collection.This unique collection features 4,169 one-of-a-kind digital stone NFTs that provide access to events, raffles, and exclusive areas within the FVCKRENDERVERSE. Each crystal has been expertly crafted and features iconic elements from the FVCKRENDER universe, with some crystals being more rare than others. This is the perfect gift for the tech-savvy and art-loving Valentine in your life.

FVCK_CRYSTAL// #2379 - gold hand with red diamond going through it


Or, if you’re a CryptoPunk holder, splash the cash and pick up an unredeemed NFTiff token by Tiffany. You can redeem these one-of-a-kind digital collectibles for a luxurious physical pendant, crafted with the finest gold and precious stones. Each pendant is designed to recreate the traits of the beloved CryptoPunks.

NFT Flowers

Flowers more your style? Gift everlasting flowers with NFTS! There are many choices for digital flowers. Choose a flower-themed NFT, such as Flower Girls. The Flower Girls collection, crafted by Alay, is a one-of-a-kind collection of 10,000 NFTs, each created from over 950 hand-drawn attributes. The NFTs showcase Alay’s surreal and abstract artistry, making them stand out in the highly competitive NFT market. Additionally, inspired by the themes of natural beauty, purity, and diversity, each NFT is a work of art that must be seen.

digital bouquet of pink flowers in pink vase on sunset background nft valentine gift

Ocean Rose digital bouquet: Flowerboy Project

Alternatively, you could gift a simple NFT bouquet with the Flowerboy project. Based in Venice, this flower-themed store offers stunningly crafted digital flower bouquets that can be easily purchased through Shopify using a credit card. Make the day even more special by scheduling the delivery date of the bouquet for a virtual surprise that will be remembered for years to come!

DIY Valentines Gifts: Make Your Own NFT

Homemade gifts are always heartfelt, so gift a DIY present that lasts a lifetime. Why not create a romantic artwork and mint this as an NFT? How about sending a digital NFT valentines card, where the message is encoded in the metadata? Whatever you want to create for your loved one, you can do so on the blockchain. Check out our guide to creating an NFT, or read our NFT photography guide if you want to mint an extra special valentines gift.


wedding photo nft valentines gift

Wedding photo NFT (img credit: Chapel of the Metaverse)

Phygital NFT Gift 

NFTs can be more than JPEGs. If you want to gift a physical and digital gift, pick up a phygital NFT.

Valentine’s Spirits

Get in the Valentine’s spirit – literally. NFT native luxury spirit brand BlockBar offers amazing options for romantic gifts. Impress your significant other with a digital spirit paired with the redeemable physical bottle. If you really want to make an impression, celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a unique and artistic gift for your loved one – the Ruinart Limited Edition by Jeppe Hein. This special edition is the result of a collaboration between contemporary artist Jeppe Hein and Maison Ruinart, showcasing their 2022 Carte Blanche. It comes in a wooden case, featuring a Jeroboam of Ruinart Rosé that has been transformed into a work of art, exploring the different dimensions of Champagne. As the first NFT from Ruinart, this gift also includes an invitation to an exceptional immersive experience at Maison Ruinart in Reims, France.

Can’t decide what to buy? Pick up a BlockBar gift card and let your lover choose their gift.

Digital Plushies

Surprise your special someone with a one-of-a-kind gift from Budsies – the leading personalized plush company. These limited-edition physical toys come with an NFC that links them to their corresponding NFT version, making each plushie truly unique. The best part? They don’t even need to have a crypto wallet to enjoy this special gift!

image of nft monkey next to plushy monkey

NFTs come to life with Budsies (img. credit: Budsies)

Valentines Fashion & Candy Gift

Soda lover? Jarritos, the Mexican soda brand known as the “official drink of tacos,” has teamed up with Web3 fashion label Probably Nothing to launch an NFT collection that celebrates Valentine’s Day with a blend of technology and traditional Hispanic heritage elements. This collection, ‘fourteen twenty-three’  consists of 14 different NFTs featuring skulls, hearts, alebrijes and other elements of Mexican culture. Further, the NFTs can be minted on OpenSea for 48 hours from February 14. Your sweetheart then gets an extra surprise, as you can burn your NFT for exclusive merchandise! Finally, the redemption structure varies based on the number of NFTs burned.

image of orange background with Mexican sugar skull and green heart candy for valentines nft gift

Jarritos x Probably Nothing NFT

Free NFT Gifts

Bear market leaving you short on cash? Get your NFT Valentines gift for free! Singapore-based NFT marketplace, Mintable, is offering up to 10 personalised NFTs for free as Valentine’s Day gifts. The NFTs are customisable and minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The gifting process is straightforward, and the NFTs will be stored in a managed wallet that beneficiaries can access with a link. Recipients with a Metamask wallet will receive the NFT directly into their wallet.

heart displaying words 'hodl me tight baby'

HODL on to your Valentine!

In conclusion, it is easy to see why NFTs are becoming a popular gift choice. So, to make this valentine’s day special, go digital. There are various NFT gifts you can choose from including valentine’s jewelry, NFT flowers, DIY NFTs or a phygital NFT. Whether you want to send digital jewellery or create your own NFT artwork, there’s an NFT gift option for everyone. Finally, make this valentine’s day one to remember, and surprise your loved one with a unique and everlasting NFT gift.

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