Seamless P2E Gaming: Space Nation Online Powered by Immutable!

Introducing Space Nation Online, an awe-inspiring MMORPG that promises to redefine the space opera genre, especially with its web3 components.

Developed by Space Nation Inc., this groundbreaking game promises an epic experience. One filled with intricate narratives, complex characters, and a sprawling space opera set in the fictional Telikos Cluster – a deep space frontier teeming with a diverse array of beings, builders, fighters, and survivors.


  • Space Nation Online: A revolutionary MMORPG pushing the space opera genre to new heights.
  • Seamless integration of play-for-fun and play-to-earn elements with Immutable zkEVM technology.
  • Space Nation is also backed by industry veterans and substantial investment.


A picture of the space nation mmorpg web3 game characters

Space Nation Online: Web3 Gaming’s New Frontier?

In Space Nation Online, players assume the roles of starship captains. They embark on thrilling adventures that encompass encounters with deadly pirates, navigating treacherous environments, and uncovering hidden mysteries and untold riches. The excitement doesn’t end there – players also have the opportunity to acquire and upgrade their spacecraft. They may also recruit skilled crew members, and venture into the unknown territories of uncharted planets.

A true test of wit and strategy awaits! Players must also complete multiple quests. They forge alliances and rivalries with various factions, engage in resource mining, production, and trade, all realized through the innovative use of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Moreover, diverse conflict scenarios define the war-torn Telikos Cluster. Epic space battles offer a plethora of gameplay options, including player vs. environment (PvE), player vs. player (PvP), and guild vs. guild vs. environment (GvGvE) matches.

Space Nation Mechanics: Play-For-Fun Meets Play-To-Earn

At the heart of this cosmic journey lies the seamless integration of play-for-fun (P4F) and play-to-earn (P2E) elements. These are empowered by Immutable’s cutting-edge technology – the zkEVM. This EVM-compatible zk-rollup solution ensures a secure, scalable, and cost-efficient environment for both Space Nation developers and players. With custom smart contract support, advanced gameplay mechanics, and a frictionless trading experience, the possibilities within Space Nation Online are truly limitless.

Barry Hoffman, the CMO and head of publishing at Space Nation, expressed enthusiasm for the integration of Immutable zkEVM. He states, “Our vision for Space Nation Online is to achieve significant scale and high liquidity in the long run, which necessitates a stable and secure solution to empower in-game prosperity for our players. By leveraging Immutable zkEVM, we can seamlessly integrate the play-for-fun (P4F) and play-to-earn (P2E) experiences, ensuring long-term stability, sustainability, and prosperity within the game.

Behind the brilliance of Space Nation Inc. stands a team of industry veterans. This includes Tony Tang and Jerome Wu, along with acclaimed movie director Roland Emmerich and media entrepreneur Marco Weber. Together, they have charted an ambitious IP strategy. Space Nation Online serves as the captivating heart of the franchise. Complementing the MMORPG will be a series of spin-off games, animated shorts, and even a TV series, promising fans a fully immersive and multi-dimensional experience like never before.

When Can You Try The Space Nation MMORPG?

Space Nation‘s astronomical success is backed by substantial funding from notable partners and venture capitalists. The company has an impressive $50 million already invested in the game’s development. As the game inches closer to its launch, anticipation builds for a series of exciting milestones ahead. Furthermore, the alpha test of Space Nation Online should begin August 2023. There is also a full functional closed beta in January 2024. Finally, the grand unveiling of the open beta happens May 2024.

With its fusion of riveting storytelling, immersive gameplay, and the groundbreaking use of blockchain technology, it is poised to become a groundbreaking force in the gaming world. Get ready to join the ranks of starship captains and shape your destiny among celestial wonders! Traverse the Telikos Cluster in Space Nation Online and discover the secrets of space. The future of web3 gaming has arrived, and it’s nothing short of extraordinary!

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