Unveiling the Wave: Coordinated Attacks on Celebrity X Accounts

Unveiling the Wave: Coordinated Attacks on Celebrity X Accounts

In a concerning turn of events, a wave of hacks has hit the social media accounts of prominent crypto influencers and celebrities, leading to the promotion of various tokens, including Luna2.0 and ORDI, sparking suspicions of coordinated attacks.

GCR Hack and Its Limited Impact

One notable victim of this hack was Gigantic-Cassocked-Rebirth (GCR), a renowned cryptocurrency investor known for unconventional trades. Despite the hack, the gains from shilling ORDI and Luna2.0 were relatively modest, prompting speculation about the motives behind the choice of tokens.

 Source: GCR

The incident with GCR’s account serves as a warning sign for the wider crypto community, indicating a potential broader attack on celebrity accounts. Bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer highlighted the need for caution, especially with the rise of meme coins and the absence of platform engineers during holidays.

Rich The Kid’s Memecoin Endeavor

American rapper Rich The Kid became embroiled in the crypto frenzy when his account posted a link to purchase the “RICH” token, created through the Solana memecoin platform pump.fun. Despite the swift rise in market cap, questions lingered about the legitimacy of the post and whether Rich The Kid’s account was compromised.

Source: Rich The Kid

JENNER Token Promotion: Real or Deepfake?

Simultaneously, the emergence of the “JENNER” memecoin, promoted via Caitlyn Jenner’s account, added another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga. Speculations arose regarding the authenticity of Jenner’s endorsement, with debates over the possibility of deepfake involvement.

Source: Rory’s Moonshots

While doubts persisted, videos featuring Jenner and her manager confirmed the legitimacy of the posts and videos promoting the JENNER token. Despite the reassurances, suspicions lingered, especially with the connection to other tokens like RICH, DOLL, and SOULJA.

Sophia Hutchins, Jenner’s manager, sought to clarify the situation in X spaces, asserting the team’s lack of knowledge regarding the ties between JENNER and other tokens. This attempt at disassociation aimed to quell concerns surrounding potential foul play.

Final Thoughts

Amidst the chaos caused by the recent surge in social media hacks within the crypto community, staying vigilant is absolutely crucial. Influencers and celebrities, albeit unintentionally, have become conduits for endorsing tokens, making it imperative for users to tread carefully and delve into thorough research before diving into investments. Being acutely aware of security risks can go a long way in lessening the blow of potential breaches and ensuring the protection of investments in the unpredictable crypto landscape.

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