OpenSea Launches ‘Get Based’ Series on Base Network

OpenSea Launches 'Get Based' Series on Base Network

OpenSea is highlighting artists on the Ethereum layer-2 network, Base, with a new series called “Get Based”. This initiative will feature free or low-cost NFT drops. The series starts Thursday with Carty Sewill’s remake of the “Endless Summer” film artwork. Sewill, an artist and OpenSea staff, kicks off the series that will include works from 15 different artists throughout the summer.

Series Kicks Off with Classic Artwork

Every week, OpenSea will release new NFTs through its website and social media platform Farcaster. Each drop will be priced at $5 or fewer, with some being free. This approach aims to make digital art more accessible to a broader audience. The series includes works from artists like RGB Punks creator Jhekub, meme artist Cryptic Poet and Twitter “Fail Whale” creator Yiying Lu.

The “Get Based” series aims to introduce collectors to emerging artists on the Ethereum L2 network. Unlike Ethereum mainnet or Solana, Base does not yet have valuable collections. This series serves to learn about both the artists and the chain, offering collectors a chance to explore new digital art in an affordable way.

Series Kicks Off with Classic Artwork

Image: OpenSea

Base Growing Role in OpenSea Strategy

OpenSea makes it easy for users to engage with the “Get Based” series. Collectors can buy NFTs with fiat money and credit cards through the platform’s integration with MoonPay, which allows for native asset bridging to Base. This makes it possible for anyone to join the series without requiring a lot of technical understanding, even if they are new to crypto.

Beginning on June 3, Base “On-Chain Summer II” promotion will run parallel with the “Get Based” series. More than 600 ETH in rewards, benefits and gas credits are available during this event which spans several projects and protocols. As a launch partner, OpenSea continued to support Base from last year’s promotion.

Final Thoughts

OpenSea’s “Get Based” series is set to spotlight emerging artists on the Ethereum layer-2 network, Base. By offering free or low-cost NFT drops, OpenSea is making digital art accessible to a wider audience. This series not only promotes new artists but also introduces collectors to the growing NFT scene on Base, all while supporting the larger “On-Chain Summer II” initiative.

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