Hidden NFTs: NFL Rivals Surprises Players with Cryptocurrency Features and Collectible Rewards

Mythical Games’ latest football-themed title, NFL Rivals, surpasses the 1 million downloads milestone, seamlessly mass-onboarding them onto web3 & NFTs! Even more remarkable is the fact that the game achieves this benchmark in just two months of launch.

This data comes through in an era where interest in PFP NFT collections is dwindling. It goes to prove that the NFT gaming market continues to thrive, exemplified by these remarkable achievements.


  • Mythical Games’ NFL Rivals exceeds 1 million downloads, highlighting the thriving NFT gaming market.
  • The game’s success stems from engaging gameplay and seamless player onboarding.
  • With millions of matches played, NFL Rivals showcases the potential of NFT gaming for mass adoption.

the logo of the NFT-based game "NFL Rivals" beside an American Football helmet


NFL Rivals: How to ACTUALLY Onboard Millions into NFT Gaming

NFL Rivals made its debut on Google Play and the Appstore just two months ago. The success of the game can be attributed to its captivating gameplay and a seamless onboarding process that prioritizes players over NFTs. By adopting this approach, Mythical Games has created an inclusive environment where anyone, regardless of their Web3 literacy, can participate.

The impressive statistics don’t end there. Once players download NFL Rivals, they become hooked on the game, leading to over 15 million matches played to date. The free-to-play game has garnered an outstanding rating of 4.8/5 based on more than 22,000 reviews.

A spokesperson from Mythical Games reveals that many new players entering the gaming environment are unaware of the NFT component. This is despite being equipped with a default crypto wallet. Only around 10% of players have engaged with the NFT marketplace thus far.

More About the Mythical Games Ecosystem

With titles such as the anarchic Blankos Block Party, the adrenaline-fueled Nitro Nation Racing, and the rapidly expanding NFL Rivals, Mythical Games solidifies its position as a heavyweight in the Web3 gaming market. Their success is a testament to their ability to tap into the burgeoning NFT gaming landscape and deliver exceptional gaming experiences.

John Linden, the CEO of Mythical Games, expressed his enthusiasm about gently introducing players to the world of Web3 gaming. He states, “What we are seeing is that players, even if they’re not familiar with Web3 concepts when they come in… We love the idea that we can onboard them very gently into the space.

As interest in PFP NFT collections wanes, the continuous growth of the NFT gaming market provides an exciting avenue for game developers like Mythical Games to captivate audiences and redefine the gaming landscape with innovative gameplay and subtle integration of NFT elements.

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