Nissan Joins The NFT Hype, Partnering With Grease Monkey Games

An image of a Nissan 370Z from the game

Legendary Japanese motor company Nissan gears up for its NFT entry via Torque Drift 2. The official Nissan digital assets are launching in-game via Grease Monkey Games – a motorsport-focused subsidiary of Animoca Brands. Nissan is the worlds leading car manufacturer, and its expansion into the metaverse strengthens the narrative around web3 gaming and the automobile communities. So what does this extraordinary drop from Grease Monkey Games avail its collectors? Let’s take a look!

An image of a Nissan 370Z from the game

Grab Your Nissan NFTs on Torque Drift 2

How To Mint The Nissan NFTs From Torque Drift 2?

Nissan and Grease Monkey Games are preparing to drop 15 exclusive NFTs in the next 12 months. The NFTs will exhibit unique Nissan models and their variants playable in Torque Drift 2. The initial drops would include five digital models of the Nissan 180SX, including the fan-favorite Sil80 variant. The other NFTs consist of 7 variants of the iconic 370Z, one of which will be the ultra-rare 50th edition.

Grease Monkey Games are working closely with Nissan to ensure that each vehicle represents its true-to-life form. As a result, rare car parts, color choices, car trim options, and other customization features become highly optimized. Deep internal customization features will also be available to add to these exterior modifications. This would include tweaks like horsepower and engine variants, among other performance-based upgrades. The partnership also means that Grease Monkey gains access to all past and future designs of Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti range of cars!

Picture of a Nissan 370Z in the upcoming Torque Drift 2 game

A game for drifters, by drfters!

Grease Monkey Games’ Founder & MD Arran Potter stated: “Nissan is synonymous with drifting and motorsport, full stop. Since drifting began, drivers have been predominantly navigating Nissans around corners sideways. We are working very hard to ensure maximum respect for this important legacy. As drifting enthusiasts ourselves, we are beyond excited to bring this iconic brand and its cars and parts to the Torque Drift 2 world.”

Torque Drift 2 is developing on the climate-positive Polygon sidechain. The game also aims to push the Drifter adrenaline rush in the most environmentally-conscious way.

About Grease Monkey Games

Grease Monkey Games, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is an Australian video game studio established in 2013 in Melbourne. The company was formerly known as League of Monkeys. Originally a contract-based company, Grease Monkey Games began developing and publishing its own original IP games in 2014. Since then, the growing team of game makers and motorsport enthusiasts has published successful motorsport titles. Games like Torque Burnout and Torque Drift have more than 45 million downloads globally. The company is now all hands building its new title – Torque Drift 2.

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