Danvas Digital Art Display Has An Impressive Debut Month

a luxurious living room with a danvas display

Danvas has successfully launched its first Series ‘G display’ at the 2022 edition of the Armoury Show in NYC. Danvas is the first luxury display solution for digital art collectors. Within two weeks of its launch, it is already being used by two of the top auction houses and galleries in the U.S. – namely, Christie’s, and Honor Fraser Gallery. Therefore, it is safe to say that this new Danvas product is off to a good start!

a luxurious living room with a danvas display

Danvas’ display is quickly becoming a must-have product for digital art collectors.

The Danvas display & its uses so far

The Danvas display is Christie’s NYC digital display of choice at their 3.0 auction event. This exhibition features 9 NFTs by visual artist Diana Sinclair. Additionally, Danvas is partnering with Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles. The Gallery will be using the Danvas display for “Future Sensitive”, an upcoming exhibition by filmmaker Lucy McRae. These use cases show how this luxury display can work with different genres of visual art.

Danvas Co-Founder & CEO, Jeanne Anderson said: “We’re delighted that Danvas digital displays are being so quickly embraced by traditional art audiences. Change is underway in the premium art world.”

Key figures in the Web3 space have also been praising Danvas. Serial entrepreneur and investor, Gary Vaynerchuk commented: “As the Web3 space, specifically the NFT space, continues to evolve, real life and hardware continue to be a big interest of mine. The team at Danvas has the pedigree and capability to be one of those consumer products that wins in the space, hence my excitement.”

About Danvas

Danvas is a VC-backed startup that focuses on NFTs and digital art. Its first product, the Danvas display, does just that. It is a three-dimensional, interactive design that presents digital art as the artist envisioned. By exhibiting their work in a high-quality manner, Danvas hopes to empower artists and put a spotlight on digital art.

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