What Is Binemon And Could It Be The Next P2E Success Story?

If you’re looking for a pet-themed P2E game, Binemon can be the perfect option! Often compared to Axie Infinity, this blockchain experience has multiple gameplay options, clever tokenomics, and countless trading opportunities. What’s more, Binemon suits both beginners and experienced players thanks to its intuitive user experience, token rewards, and a land-based structure.

But can you make money using the Binemon token as people claim? Is Binemon actually free to play? Further, can this become the new Axie Infinity? We’ll answer all of those questions and teach you how to play Binemon in this post – so let’s get started!

digital poster of a pet NFT game logo and several pet characters

Binemon is the latest P2E pet game to take over the NFT market with a new token, land, and multiple gameplay options!

What is the Binemon NFT game?

Binemon is an NFT-powered video pet game featuring P2E mechanics. The game launched it in July 2021, and it has been expanding ever since, led by their CEO Frank Desifone. In fact, the game has already attracted over 255K players to date – and for good reason.

In essence, users can grow, breed, trade, and battle creatures called ‘Binemons’. Players can unite to create guilds and conquer lands to build their own castles and attract masters. Furthermore, each player can also get land to build a house.

Of course, the game’s dedicated marketplace, tokenomics, and multiple gaming options enhance this P2E journey.

All in all, Binemon offers a complete blockchain experience – but how do you actually play this game as a beginner? Let’s find out:

screenshot from the Binemon NFT game

Each Mon NFT comes with different skills and abilities that players can enhance with in-game items.

How can you play Binemon?

The first step in order to join Binemon is to get a Binemon NFT pet. There are two options:

  • Get a MON egg NFT that will hatch and become your pet;
  • Buy a fully-grown pet NFT.

Right now, eggs and pets NFTs are available on the game’s marketplace. Each item comes with different traits and rarities that influence your in-game performance. For example, Binemons have 10 body parts that define their rarity. The rarer your pet, the stronger it will be during battles and tournaments.

Want to raise a strong Binemon? You can hatch Mon eggs using Ambrosia (AMB). Similar to a Pokeball, this in-game item helps you get rarer eggs, which means more valuable pets!

Right now, there are two ways to play the video game: PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment). Luckily, you can enjoy any option on both desktop and mobile anytime – here’s how:


Where can you play the game?

Luckily, Binemon is available for desktop, Android, and iOS devices so you can stay connected anytime.

For mobile devices, all you have to do is download the Binemon app and enter your login data. If you’re a new player, simply complete the Binemon registration form on the website’s desktop version and you’re all set!

Now that you’re in the game, it’s time to start earning $AMB or $BIN -Binemon’s main tokens. If you’ve never heard of them before, here’s a breakdown:

image of several Binemon pet NFTs engaging in a battle on a plot of land

The Binemon game is available for desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

Which are the Binemon tokens?

Initially, DRK was the utility token players use within Binemon. Recently, though, the game also introduced Apple ($AMB) as a new utility token. There are three ways to get this coin:

  • receive in-game rewards;
  • engage in battles;
  • raise and trade Binemon pets.

You can use Apple tokens ($AMB) to trade NFTs within Binemon’s marketplace. What’s more, you can also exchange these coins for other cryptocurrencies. .

However, Apple ($AMB) isn’t the only token used in Binemon. The game also features $BIN tokens for governance. This means each BIN holder can vote for important project decisions in the project’s ecosystem. Right now, one BIN token is priced at $0.002341. Notably, you can buy or exchange Binemon $BIN tokens via PancakeSwap.

In other words, both tokens secure the game’s economy as players become part of its ecosystem. But how much do you have to pay in order to play Binemon?

image of the official Binemon logo regarding its new token APPLE and a pet NFT

Binemon has recently introduced the Apple token ($AMB) to upgrade its tokenomics.

How much does it cost to play Binemon?

Although Binemon doesn’t require great investments overall, you must purchase your egg or fully-grown pet NFT as a beginner. You can buy Egg NFTs directly on the website.

Want a fully-grown pet NFT instead? You can head over to the game’s marketplace and buy one from another player. In this case, prices start around 25 $AMB (around $5 USD – refefence price from March 29, 2023) for the lowest-ranking pets. In other words, the rarer the pet, the more expensive it gets.

However, note that higher-ranking pets (such as the Super Rare ones) have better endurance and strength. This means they might boost your performance in duels and tournaments faster than their cheaper alternatives. Later on, you can reinvest your token rewards to buy more Mons or skills and strengthen your pets. Of course, you can invest in Ambrosia too.

Last but not least, you can invest in land plots to build your home or start building a castle with your guildmates. However, this option isn’t mandatory for beginners.

Finally, making a small investment at first can go a long way. With a pet (or hatched egg) NFT and Ambrosia, you’re ready to start earning!

screenshot from the official Binemon NFT marketplace where users can buy pet NFTs with the APPLE token

Players can buy and sell pet NFTs and other in-game assets using the new Apple token ($AMB) via the Binemon marketplace.

Can you make money on Binemon? If so, how?

Binemon offers a P2E experience, which means you can earn money by playing the game. Your earnings will vary depending on the gameplay you choose, as well as your trading abilities. Here are the main ways to make money with Binemon:

1. Choose the PvP mode

For example, the PvP (Player vs. Player) mode involves fighting against other players using your Mons. As a winner, you’ll be rewarded with BIN tokens redeemable to your wallet.

2. Choose the PvE mode

Meanwhile, the PVE (Player vs. Environment) mode means you have to fight bosses using your Mons and other resources. Whenever you win a battle, you get rewards – either as Ambrosia or surprise in-game items. Each player can trade these items on the dedicated marketplace to make profit.

3. Commercialize your home

Binemon allows each player to get land and build their own house. Once the building is ready, you can place commercial ads anywhere for profit. In fact, you can even sell parts of your home (or the entire property) to other players via the marketplace. Then, you may use the land within Binemon to build a castle with your guildmates instead – or build another house and repeat the process!

Remember: you can also trade your Mons and other in-game items for extra profit!


From multiple gameplay options to passive earnings, building properties on land, and engaging tournaments, Binemon creates an immersive P2E experience. Players can create a community to breed pets, build houses and castles, and trade valuable items on a dedicated marketplace. The result? A powerful community ready to take over the Web3 world with more innovative features to come.

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